Three Simple Steps To Live A More Eco-Friendly Life

The world is experiencing a shift towards sustainable living with a global and collective attitude founded on eco-conscious awareness. Never before has the environment been so severely impacted and undermined by humanity and yet, simultaneously, the world is experiencing unprecedented levels of environmental sustainability and eco-friendly living. As The Guardian explains,“Generation Y…is showing signs of a major shift in green attitudes and behaviour… As the first generation that was taught sustainability concepts in school, who came of age amid the climate crisis, and boasting a hefty dose of scepticism when it comes to trusting companies, they are considered a major potential goldmine for sustainable products and companies, and are increasingly likely to shop consistently with these expectations” (2013). 

In recognizing the rise of eco-friendly living and the importance both for the health of the environment as well as the future of our humanity to live a more sustainable life, we’ve created this article to explain a few simple steps you can take to make the shift. By incorporating these practices into your everyday, you can easily and effectively reduce your impact on the earth without needing to turn your life upside down.

  1. Buy Products Free From Plastic Packaging

The amount of plastic packaging we as consumers use within our everyday is mind-boggling. It’s easy to shop for those items packaged in plastic upon plastic for reasons of hygiene or convenience. However, it’s important to remember a piece of fruit such as a banana or apple, have their own protective layer of skin that naturally keeps them clean and free of germs. There’s simply no need to wrap products in layers of unnecessary plastic as Mother Nature has done that for us in a far more sustainable way.

 By choosing fruit free of packaging and selecting products in their most natural state, you are making a simple and yet powerful step to living a more eco-friendly life. This also can include steering clear of plastic bags by bringing your own reusable shopping bag.  SHOP HERE.

  1. Carry A Water Bottle

Water is a necessity. However, plastic bottles are not. The amount of plastic water bottles we as a civilization consume on a daily basis seriously and significantly harms the environment.

That’s why carrying your own water bottle can go a long way in helping to reduce unnecessary waste. This step is so simple and yet, one of the most effective in helping you to live an eco-friendly life. Be sure to choose a water bottle that’s light and easy to carry. By doing so, you’ll not only help the health of the planet but also save time and money. We recognize that water is not always drinkable from the tap which is where a filtering system comes in handy. The focus here is on unnecessary waste reduction. SHOP HERE.

  1. Share Your secrets

There’s nothing like the power of storytelling. By sharing your own eco-friendly secrets with your friends and family and encouraging others within your social network to adopt similar sustainable practices, you are helping, in an achievable way, to inspire and educate others on eco-friendly living.

The first step to changing a habit is understanding how to initiate the change. Letting others know how you live an eco-friendly life could be the start of another’s journey towards a more sustainable life.